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With only one week left to live, a bounty hunter haunted by his past, is offered a chance of salvation in the form of a unique task.

To complete it, he must travel to the mysterious town of Monte Rico, where he will be forced to confront the ghosts of his past and the shadow in his future.

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This unflinching documentary follows filmmaker Ben Race​ as he faces endless outrageous obstacles whilst attempting to complete his 100% self produced debut feature film.

14 years of continuous production hell - no money; no crew; limited cast; broken down prop cars; dream worlds; flashbacks; gun fights; car chases; snow storms and no dialogue.

A film nobody in their right mind should attempt to make as a low budget debut feature:

enter Ben.

This is a story of endurance, perseverance and chasing your dream. It's hilarious, unapologetic and deeply inspiring, and is a tale that not only speaks to filmmakers,

but also to the everyday underdog.